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"I have used Sake for CranioSacral Therapy for over a year and have found her to be extremely helpful.  Sake has a great touch and keen sense of the human body.  I highly recommend her! “
H.N. - Physical Therapist

"I arrived in Stowe after a road trip that resulted in significant back pain (the kind that brings tears to your eyes).  I thought a massage would help but the hotel where I was staying was charging exorbitant prices for their massages.  I decided to look for a local.  After checking out several websites I decided on Sake.  When I contacted her the response time was fast.  I was able to get an appointment the next day.  Sake has a kind and gentle spirit.  She asked me about what was going on with my body and then suggested a different modality that might help me more than massage.  I got a craniosacral treatment.  Not only did I feel better when I left (and for many days afterward) but I think it helped to calm down the neuropathy in my feet.  She gave me some stretches to do on the rest of the road trip and provided me with names of practitioners near my home town.
I highly recommend Sake."
S.C. - Traveler 

"Best body-work therapy and prices in Stowe.  Sake is the therapist that the locals go to, a real treasure.  Why go to the super high priced spas when you can get better therapy at half the price.  I often have pain and stiffness in my neck and back and Sake is amazing at getting me back on the slopes. Highly recommended!"
S.B. - Ski Instructor

"Sake's knowledge and understanding of massage/bodywork and Craniosacral is evident in her genuine touch and confident approach.  She combines a calm nurturing environment with a powerfully directed presence.  Her talents include a wide variety of techniques that deliver results on many levels of healing.  I have enjoyed receiving therapy from Sake for several years and highly recommend her to all my students."
N.R. - Yoga Instructor

"At 51, I developed painful TMJ dysfunction (jaw pain).  My dentist referred me to specialists for treatment, but I decided I wanted a more wholistic approach.  After my first visit with Sake for CranioSacral, and other bodywork, I had 4 out of the next 7 days pain-free!  After my second treatment, I had 6 days in a row pain-free!  I know it'll be a continued process for a few weeks, and I'm very happy with the treatment.  Sake's professional & knowledgeable approach to the whole person is refreshing and effective.  I am looking forward to a promising recovery."
B.R. - Psychotherapist

"Sake's ability to attune to the body at each session and use a variety of techniques to respond to the body is deeply meditative and healing."
J.B. - Counselor

"I recently was suffering from vertigo.  I am a student of yoga and ballet and was unable to tilt my chin, cast my eyes downward, or turn while sleeping without a swimming, swirling sensation.  Sake gently administered cranio sacral therapy, and after one session my vertigo was gone.  The body's processing after therapy was very compelling.  Staying still and allowing your body to heal will make recovery possible.
Thank you Sake."
M. K. - Student of ballet & yoga

"After trying Embody/Nia class for the first time, I realized that I had found the ideal fitness activity suited to my own body.  Embody brings out my strength and energy, and allows me to move in a way that is most comfortable for me.  An added bonus has been a renewed awakening of my passionate side (in addition to a toned body!)  Sake is supportive, healing, and inspiring as an instructor."
S.S. - Project Manager 

"Sake is a gentle and calming healer who has made a real difference in my life.  I've had chronic sciatic pain due to recurrent disk problems in my lower back.  Initially, I went to Sake for massage treatments, but she is an excellent diagnostician and recommended that she give me cranial sacral treatments as well.  They were tremendously helpful.  Because I'm only in Stowe four or five weeks a year, she went to the extra effort of finding me a therapist near my home.  Her caring and helpfulness have contributed markedly to my quality of life and I see her as often as I can." 
D.F. - 67, and coping well with back problems

"Excellent cranial sacral treatment - I was having pain in my upper back and neck which tends to be triggered by stress and exercise.  Sake was wonderful, she really helped the pain in my back and taught me a few techniques for reducing stress.  I left feeling much, much better and I will be returning for more treatments.  Highly recommended if one is suffering from pain."
S.B. - Skier

"I come out of Sake's Embody class feeling loose and energized for the rest of the day.  Her approach is gentle, never intimidating, and she can adjust the exercises to any level, which makes everybody feel welcome."
A.S. - Nurse

"During a treatment, Sake works to smooth out areas of chronic muscular tension in a way that allows me to unwind and relax.  The more I work with Sake, the more I see the long term benefit of the integrative healing she provides.  My body has become less tense overall and my immunity is greatly improved.  Many thanks!"
J.R. - Environmental Analyst

"Sake is a highly qualified therapist and her knowledge is impressive.  She listens, observes, and then taps in.  She offers a range of solutions to help with client’s needs.  My back and neck problems have improved immensely since receiving bodywork from Sake and I am a healthier person overall because of my experience working with her."
D.J.D. - 62 and healthy

"Sake holds knowledge and experience in her hands!  In her practice she uses special therapeutic techniques that work wonders.  Her healing touch soothes a stressed body and mind.  I recommend her to all my friends - healing and relaxation guaranteed!"         
B.M. - Professor


"Taking Embody/Nia classes with Sake has had a positive influence in my life. I love the movements, the music and the general atmosphere of her classes.  Sake is welcoming and a master at making each class challenging while at the same time inclusive for people of all fitness levels.  Her Nia classes are a blend of cardio exercise, stretching movements, and mind/body awareness.  I first tried Sake’s Embody class after reading about it in the local newspaper; now I arrange my week to fit in to her class offerings."
D.J.D. - 62 and healthy


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